Brine - Mother Water, 200ml

In brine dissolved salts act complementarily and contribute to the groomed and healthy appearance of the skin and enrich the body with minerals. Brine can be used in various ways and is very cherished in natural body care. Brine – mother water can be used for facial cleansing and care, namely as a tonic or face mask. Adding brine to your bath water accelerates the blood circulation of the whole body and helps to remove toxins. The skin is more toned and regains its elasticity and youthful appearance. In a foot bath, the brine soothes the tired feet and softens the coarse skin, which becomes supple and soft. You can also use brine as a natural deodorant because it removes sweat and prevents the growth of bacteria which cause the unpleasant odour in the armpit area. Used as a mouth wash, the brine helps to restore a balanced oral flora and serves as an addition to your daily oral hygiene. Brine also helps with keeping the hair fresh and curly. When used regularly it can also prevent an oily scalp.

The product is 100% natural and contains no additives.

The product can be purchased in the Piran Saltpans shops or in our online shop.
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